It is corporation which can contribute in local community satisfying customer requirement, and which is environmental-friend, under motto `Let's become endeavoring person who try truth with creative mind like life'
Established Sun woo Chemical company
(220-1, Anha-R; Hanlim-myum, Gimhae-si Gyungnam)
Registered to utility model for forming equipmenet of Emboss sheet film(Registration No.0244211)
Registered to utility model for drawing equipment of Emboss sheet film(Registration No.0267357)
Registered patent for molding device and method of Embossing sheet film(patent No.0383345)
Selected so a clean workplace by the Korea occupational Safety
Established PEM TECH CO.,LTD(544 Anha-R Hanlim-myum Gimhae-si Gyungsangnam-Do Korea)
Started to export the product to Japan